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Wanda Connects Her Plan

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

In 2017, Hang Time gained a new dynamic family member named Wanda aka“China”.

She was referred to Hang Time by Roland and became a devoted member from day one.

Wanda a Bridgeport native of Puerto Rican descent had a history of being too close to “the

streets” and a track record of pulling herself up and away from that lifestyle. According to

Wanda, Hang Time gives her a voice like no other program or organization she has ever seen or participated in.

Wanda is a strong personality and driven to help others solely because she understands what it takes to stay off the streets and live a better quality life. She attends every week and makes sure her small child is cared for in advance so that she can be at Hang Time which she calls her “church”. She has on several occasions brought her child with her to a session just as several other Hang Time regulars have done when child care isn’t available. Some attendees will intentionally bring their teenage sons or daughters to experience the Hang Time energy and educational forums.

In early 2018, Wanda came into a session and explained how she was raising monies through

her job at Dunkin Donuts for a worthy organization working with Bridgeport youth. She stated that she had heard about a great youth mentoring program called Community Hands And Mentoring Program (CHAMP). She indicated that she wanted to find out more about the organization. Little did Wanda know but the Founder/CEO of CHAMP (Ruehl Parks)is also a regular attendee of Hang Time. Within several hours she was connected with Ruehl Parks and Donkin Donuts donated $1500.00 to CHAMP for continued work with youth in the community.

Wanda has since become a huge supporter and volunteer with CHAMP and the sister program of Hang Time called Her Time. She routinely voluntarily prepares meals for Hang Time and Her Time sessions and events. She also, assist in promotion of the ongoing efforts of Hang Time and all programs associated. Wanda is a treasured family member of Hang Time.

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