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Magic of HangTime



Growing up somewhat as a winding youth, this left him searching for a straightforward path to a
brighter future. Born and raised on the west side of Bridgeport, CT Jermaine found himself in the throws
of street life and its mentality. At the ripe age of 21, he was arrested; later convicted of various charges
of gun trafficking, illegal transfer of firearms to name a few. It was in prison that Jermaine received his
epiphany. Incarcerated from 2011 to 2015, Jermaine committed to putting his life in the hands of Jesus
Christ, received an extroverted ability, the gift of speaking, and went on to also complete the
certification program of Manufacturing.
  Since that time, Jermaine has made his way home to continue his studies at Housatonic, where he has
completed the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies program. Receiving an internship through
excellent grades and participation, he's now employed in Milford, CT at Balding Precision and also
serving at his local church, Upon This Rock Ministries. No longer living in Bridgeport, his current
residence is New Haven, CT with his wife and 3 children, where he & his church family impact their
community with outreach services of all kind. A long standing Hang Time advocate, he quotes founder
and the Hang Time family, and agrees they “have put him in a position to win.” Even helping him to get
out of the community he once hurt, while showing him how to keep his hands in that same community
to make a difference. Jermaine has done many speaking engagements and his mission is to empower,
enlighten, and build faith in our youth, community, and all generations alike.

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