The Trifecta 

The Trifecta is the culmination of three existing organizations transforming into one movement, to meet the needs of the community. The Trifecta is a holistic approach to family and community restoration, healing from inside out.


Our goal is to; enlighten, educate, provide insight, and problem solve through discussion, empowering; men, women and youth to minimize all traumatic past and present experiences, allowing them to openly express themselves without fear but drawing support in an unconventional way. We are intentional about serving our disenfranchised and socio-economically challenged community.  


We provide assistance and guidance to services needed as well as character development. Our weekly sessions become a sanctuary for our participants, offering a respectful, safe and secure atmosphere to share insight and assist in conquering challenges.


Our ongoing effort is to; reduce the level of violence in the community, reduce recidivism amongst citizens returning home from incarceration, uplift the women of our community while creating an environment and change for the at-risk youth through; empowerment, education, and community engagement. 

  • Charlie Grady

    CEO/ Founder 

    Hang Time

  • Shamare Holmes

    Her Time

    Program Director

  • Ruele Parks

    CEO/ Founder 


  • Cassie Volcy


    Administrative Director

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Registered Charity:

Council of Churches Greater Bridgeport


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