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Shaneese, “The Undisputed Queen of Hang Time”

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

We first met Shaneese in late 2013 through an anti-gun violence initiative in Bridgeport

run by Hang Time’s founder. It was then that she was actually featured in a candid photo taken by Bridgeport PD’s drug unit surveillance of drug sales located in the East End.There she was in the photo for all to see. The photo was used to prove that law enforcement sees more than the drug dealers realize each day. After the community exposure, Shaneese, a former offender agreed to turn her life around and became the first female to ever attend a Hang Time meeting in November of 2014.

With her “real and raw” yet charming personality Shaneese lit the room on fire with her “in

your face” confrontational brilliance and verbal sparring ability. She spoke her opinion and gave her perspective of circumstances and challenges faced by most men and women returning home after incarceration. She always held her own while at the same time being open to listening and learning new things through discussion. Shaneese was one of the first attendees of Hang Time to stress to anyone that would listen that she came to Hang Time by her choice. She emphasized that the program gives her a voice that no other program provided, and that no court forced her to be there. She took great pride in owning her space at the Hang Time table each week. She has been a tremendous force at leading others to Hang Time for knowledge, support and resources that she has taken advantage of regularly. Hang Time assisted Shaneese get a job at a local hospital where she worked for 3yrs with a great work history.

In 2016, the Hang Time family was devastated by the accidental death of Shaneese’ 3 year old daughter in a house fire. Shaneese heroically helped several kids and adults escape the fire but suffered severe burns over 60% of her body while trying to rescue her own daughter trapped in the fire. Shaneese will never be the same, but continues to honor her daughter’s memory with an annual event geared towards helping & educating children of Bridgeport. She currently works with a community based program“Public Allies” that is focused on bringing changes to inner city challenges and she continues to be a larger than life presence at Hang Time sessions.

Hail to the “Undisputed Queen of Hang Time”.

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