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In 2022, Hang Time launched a youth violence prevention and mentorship program called CHOICES, which focuses on high school athletes in urban communities that often find themselves lured into street life and violence when not on the field or court, etc. CHOICES utilizes formerly incarcerated mentors that look and speak like the students in the schools, who were also former high school, college and/or pro stand-out athletes.  These mentors go into the high schools to discuss with students the consequences of their choices in life as well as issues related to physical and mental health, what legally constitutes sexual assault, how to react when engaging with police and other topics.   It is the intent that the support and guidance of CHOICES mentors will empower these high school athletes/influencers to inspire the wider high school community to reject the lure of gun and gang violence in their communities.  Currently CHOICES mentoring sessions are run in high schools in Bridgeport and Waterbury.

"I have worked in mental health for many years and have never experienced a better more effective program for gaining trust and respect, I will be using this format from now on when I council clients."

Nanette Ford, Certified Clinician, Liberation Programs Inc

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